Environmental hazards: marine pollution




Gorman, M.

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ABC-CLIO, Incorporated


This comprehensive volume provides readers with answers to some of the most basic questions about the destruction of our oceans and serves as a guide to further in-depth research. The volume examines the history of marine pollution, the various types of pollution and contamination, their effects on marine life and humankind, and the potential outcomes for the planet as a whole. A complete chronology tracks significant events in the history of marine pollution and a biography section highlights the efforts of individual citizens, scientists, and environmentalists to reverse the threatening pattern of abuse and destruction. Another chapter offers statistical and documentary information. Annotated listings of organizations and print and nonprint resources are included to assist readers in further study. This book promises no easy answers, but provides solid, useful information that will serve as a foundation for research, decision making, or simply an enhanced understanding of this critical subject.


252 p


marine pollution, sewage treatment, marine debris, toxicants, heavy metals, oil pollution, pollution control, radioactive contamination, data collections, environmental legislation, ocean dumping, pollution effects, pollution monitoring