Galveston Bay Study: phase I: Technical Report. Volume 2: Summary.




Espey, William H.

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Tracor, Incorporated


Due to the general interest in the Galveston Bay Study, and the varying backgrounds and purposes of those concerned, two separate reports on the work conducted by TRACOR during Phase I have been prepared. One, the Technical Report (TRACOR Doc. No. 68-566-U), discusses in detail the work performed, and the other, the Technical Report Summary (TRACOR Doc. No. 68-567-U), attempts to summarize this work and the resulting recommendations in a concise and readable manner. While this report, the Technical Report Summary, provides a convenient survey of the Phase I effort, the Technical Report itself should be regarded as the primary source for detailed information. ... In response to these needs, the Texas Water Quality Board inaugurated the Galveston Bay Study. The value of models as a potential tool for management of the Galveston Bay system (discussed in more detail in Section 1.2) has been long recognized.... The specific objectives of Phase I were: 1. The evaluation of present modeling techniques for hydrological, chemical, and biological systems of an estuary to determine the degree of their applicability to the Galveston Bay system. 2. The evaluation of present optimization modeling techniques which combine economic and waste treatment information with the models of the estuarine system. 3. The analysis of existing data management systems to determine the optimum system to meet the data requirements of the Galveston Bay Study. 4. The specification of the necessary data collection program for the Galveston Bay Study. This report presents a summary of the results of the work accomplished during Phase I. For detailed discussions of the Phase I work, the technical report (TRACOR Doc. No. 68-566-U) should be consulted.


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water quality, water analysis, water management, models, mathematical models, hydraulic models