Improving interactions between coastal science and policy: proceedings of the Gulf of Mexico symposium, New Orleans, Louisiana, January 25-27, 1995




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National Academy Press


The National Research Council's Ocean Studies Board (OSB) began a study in 1991 to examine the existing interactions between coastal scientistis and policymakers, and to recommend means to improve these interactions and resultant coastal policies of the future. The OSB has convened three regional symposia, which focused on California, the Gulf of Maine, and the Gulf of Mexico, and examined different issues of importance in each region. The OSB's Committee on Science and Policy for the Coastal Ocean summarized and synthesized the findings of the three symposia in the form of a report that makes policy recommendations that can be applied nationally, as well as regionally. The Gulf of Mexico symposium, convened in January 1995, was the third and final symposium in the series. ... Participants focused on three issues of importance in the Gulf of Mexico region: cumulative impacts of oil and gas development, effects of freshwater inflow changes, and effects of wate quality on shellfish production. Each topic was discussed in plenary session andin issue groups devoted to the topic. Participants were asked to document examples of successes and failures in the interactions between science and coastal management and policy and to make suggestions fo rimproving these interactions. Many suggestions for improving interactions between coastal science and policy were developed. It was clear that scientific information is more in some stages of the policy process than others.


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