Coordination of Coastwide Fin-Fish Investigations Project - Analysis of Populations of Sports and Commercial Fin-Fish and of Factors Which Affect These Populations in the Coastal Bays of Texas


A coastwide total of 701 juvenile fish samples taken in 1964 indicated that all species experienced an increase in numbers over 1963 except trout, which declined slightly in numbers. Adult fish samples taken in 1964 totaled 74 drag seine samples, including ones from Galveston Bay, and 167 trammel net samples. Adult trout increased in numbers over those in 1963, while little or no change was indicated by all other species. Analysis of tag return indicate no pattern of interbay migrations. Fish movements were generally between shallow and deep water and were correlated with season and water temperature.


pages 227-230; available for download at the link below.


marine fish, juveniles, tagging, migrations, seine nets, entangling nets