Creation of fishery habitat in estuaries




Minello, Thomas J., Robert J. Zimmerman, and Edward F. Klima

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Waterways Experiment Station, Dredging Division, Water Resources Support Center


Basic workshop objectives were to improve awareness and acceptability of beneficial use options for dredged material disposal, to discuss past, current, and future beneficial use applications, to identify innovative and untested beneficial uses, and to contribute to the development of a logical beneficial use strategy reflected in long-term planning and management. Foremost for all participants at the workshop was the creation and cultivation of an atmosphere of cooperation, communication, and coordination among federal and state agencies, the dredging industry, port and maritime administrations, and public and private concerns. Worshop participants arrived at several important conclusions: (a) beneficial uses already made have been significant; (b) the CE could do more with the beneficial uses concept if it had greater authority to do so; (c) in some areas such as marine fisheries, there are still needs for baseline data on beneficial use sites; (d) every effort to continue seeking beneficial uses should be made (e) every effort to continue close communication, cooperation, and coordination with other agencies, offices, and concerns must be made; and (f) another interagency workshop should be held in 12 to 18 months.


pgs. 106-120


estuaries, fisheries, dredge spoil, spoil, habitat improvement, habitat improvement, dredging