Coastal field data collection program. Hurricane Gilbert storm surge data.




Garcia, A.W.

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Coastal Engineering Research Center.


Hurricane Gilbert is the most intense Atlantic hurricane on record. Although Gilbert did not make landfall on the US coastline, because of its intensity it no doubt will be carefully studied. To those investigating storm surges, wave setup, and other coastal processes, hydrographic data from such a storm obtained at exposed coastal sites are of significant value. Contained herein are hydrographs acquired at 16 coastal sited during the passage of Gilbert through the Gulf of Mexico. A brief meteorological description of Gilbert also is included. A poststorm inspection was conducted by a Coastal Engineering Research Center (CERC) field team in the vicinities of Corpus Christi and Port Isabel, Texas. Coastal erosion and damage in these areas were minimal considering the severity of the hurricane.


31 p.


hurricanes, coastal processes, storm surges, hurricane waves, wave effects, meteorology, hydrographic data, storms, coastal erosion, meteorological observations