Influence of diet on the feeding behavior, growth, and thermal resistance of postlarval Penaeus aztecus and P. setiferus.




Karim, Mahmudul

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Texas A&M University


Laboratory studies were conducted on the effects of diet on the food preference, survival, growth and temperature tolerance of two species of penaeid shrimps, Penaeus setiferus and P. aztecus. Artemia and five artificially compounded foods were tested. Both P. setiferus and P. aztecus usually showed food preferences when given options. P. setiferus demonstrated stronger food preferences than the other species. Diets influenced survival, growth and temperature resistance of the shrimps. The effects of some diets differed markedly between species. Far better growth was produced in the shrimps feed Artemia than any of the artificial diets used in the experiment. Results indicated that initial diet preference, survival, growth and resistance to high temperature are independent qualities of foods as indicated by these two species of shrimps.


94 pgs.


laboratory studies, shrimp, penaeus, shrimp fisheries