Houston-Galveston Area Council Regional Airport/Airspace System Plan Update


The purpose of this airport/airspace system plan update is to establish and document a rational and systematic approach to the enhancement and development of a system of airports and associated aviation facilities to serve the Houston-Galveston region through the year 2010. The primary goal of this effort is to update the previous system plan of 1986. Many aviation changes have occurred within the region as have changes in aviation nationwide. These changes necessitated a reassessment of the development direction of the regional aviation system identified in the previous plan. The primary goal of the 1992 HGAC RAASP Update is to develop an air transportation plan which will provide for a safe, efficient, effective air transportation system, maximizing the economic benefits to local communities and aviation users. The plan provides a realistic, functional and timely development of airports within the region which will meet the immediate and ultimate aviation needs of the region. This system plan update provides a prioritized sequence for the development of airports on a system wide basis while assuring the compatibility of airports with the environs of each and the compatibility among airports within a particular service area of the region and within the region as a whole. This plan has been coordinated with the TAFP and the NPIAS.


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airport, airspace, Galveston, Texas, Houston, Texas