Federal ground-water science and technology programs: the role of science and technology in addressing four significant national ground-water issues




Subcommittee on Water Resources (Previously named the Subcommittee on Ground Water), Committee on Earth and Environmental Sciences, Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering, and Technology (FCCSET)

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Subcommittee on Water Resources (Previously named the Subcommittee on Ground Water)


The purpose of this report is to further communicate the Subcommittee's interagency coordination and information exchange efforts. The report (1) provides an overview of significant Federal research programs dealing with ground water, (2) identifies information needs and gaps in scientific understanding of ground water phenomena, (3) identifies priorities for programmatic research needed to address four significant national issues, and (4) demonstrates the extensive amount of ongoing interagency coordination in ground water research. The report is intended to assist governmental officials in understanding Federal research efforts that address congressionally mandated programs involving ground-water assessments, management, and protection. The report is intended for a non technical, policy-level readership, and an attempt was made to minimize the use of technical terms except as necessary to explain the very complex scientific concepts involved. A "Glossary of Selected Terms Used in This Report" has been included as Appendix B.


82 pgs.


water resources development, government policy, law, legislation, groundwater, ground-water, water quality, water quality management