Survival of zooplankton entrained into the cooling water system and supplemental cooling towers of a steam-electric generating station located on Galveston Bay, Texas.




Chase, C.L.

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Texas A&M University


Studies were implemented during June 1974 - September 1975 to investigate the survival of organisms entrained into the P.H. Robinson Generating Station and associated supplemental cooling towers, located on Galveston Bay, Texas. The survey primarily analyzed survival of zooplankton through the plant system; however, the survival of fish eggs and larvae captured coincidentally with holoplankton and meroplankton was also examined. A total of 390 zooplankton samples was taken - 230 adjacent to the power plant, 160 in the vicinity of the cooling towers, and 28 as part of a diel study conducted adjacent to the power plant. Separate collections were made to obtain macrozooplankton for a heat shock study.


230 p., Thesis


power plants, cooling water, cooling ponds, plankton, zooplankton, temperature variations, marine fish, juveniles