Shoreline Modification, Dredged Channels and Dredged Material Disposal Areas in the Nation's Estuaries


February 1988


S. Paul Orlando, Farzad Shirzad, Jean M. Schuerholz, D. Paul Mathieux, and Susan S. Strassner

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U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Strategic Assessment Branch


This paper presents estimates of shoreline modification, dredged navigational channels, and dredged material disposal areas within the 92 estuaries included in NOAA's National Estuarine Inventory Data Atlas (NEI). The estimates, developed from NOAA nautical charts, represent the first consistent and comprehensive inventory of these features for the Nation's estuaries. They are a first step toward assessing whether these changes to estuaries might represent a problem nationwide. When combined with other components of the NEI, they will complement capabilities already developed to assess the characteristics and environmental quality of the Nation's estuaries. The information developed for each estuary includes: 1) length of estuarine perimeter, 2) length of estuarine shoreline, 3) length of modified shoreline, 4) length and surface area of dredged channels, and 5) area of dredged material disposal sites.


18 pages


estuaries, dredging, channels, dredge spoil, coastal engineering