Managing Galveston Bay: issues and alternatives: draft discussion items and possible management strategies




Galveston Bay National Estuary Program

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Galveston Bay National Estuary Program


This document was created to help focus public discussion of the development of initiatives for a draft Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) for Galveston Bay. The CCMP will outline problem-solving initiatives, and will be forwarded in Fall, 1994 to Governor Ann Richards for official adoption by the State and subsequently by the Administrator of the EPA. The comprehensive plan will be a blueprint for improved stewardship and governance of this vital Texas resource. At this stage in management planning, this document is something of a strawman. The dictionary defines a strawman as something to be set up only to be easily refuted. We have created this document early in the planning process to elicit response (of all kinds) from individuals and organizations with an interest in Galveston Bay. Breadth and approprateness of content, rather than wording, are most important at this stage. We expect some ideas will fall by the wayside and others will be added when the comprehensive plan takes shape.


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resource management, water quality, sediment quality, point source pollution, nonpoint source pollution, spills, ocean dumping, public health protection, dredging, filling, species protection, freshwater inflow, shoreline management, subsidence, erosion, regional monitoring, monitoring data, information management