Natural Hazard Management in Coastal Areas

United States Office of Coastal Zone Management
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U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

This is one of a series of documents prepared for the Office of Coastal Zone Management (OCZM) to provide guidance and information to coastal planners and managers on major issues they face. Growing development pressures in coastal areas are increasing the risk to life and property from natural hazards. The fact that these events, while rare, are usually catastrophic, necessitates continued management attention. It is the long range planning and management emphasis of the Coastal Zone Management Act that provides a unique opportunity for reducing losses due to natural hazards in the coastal areas. The contents presented in this handbook form to provide fast access to information by specific hazard, by coastal state, or by management recommendations. The Executive Summary encapsulates the major findings and recommendations. No attempt was made to provide in-depth scientific analysis. Readers seeking more detail should refer to the Annotated Bibliography (Section V) or seek help from the contacts listed in the Directory of Selected Federal, State and Voluntary Agencies (Section VI).

303 pages
coastal zone, coastal zone management, disasters, hazards