Storm water quality pond monitoring protocol




PBS&J and Harris County Flood Control District

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This storm water quality pond Monitoring Protocol was prepared to assist HCFCD and other stakeholders in determining in a consistent and comparable manner the performance of water quality ponds throughout its jurisdiction. The Protocol sets forth a standard set of monitoring procedures so that comparable monitoring results will be obtained. The Protocol is intended to allow future monitoring efforts to contribute to a comprehensive monitoring program that will allow performance comparisons among various ponds installations to be made. The Protocol is restricted to the evaluation of pond systems and does not address monitoring of other BMP types. The Protocol was prepared to serve to users. First, the Protocol was prepared for organizations undertaking storm water quality pond monitoring studies. For these users, the Protocol provides detailed instructions regarding how to prepare a site-specific monitoring plan for a single pond installation and how to implement a monitoring study. The Protocol provides minimum requirements for acceptable sampling and analytical techniques. Required quality control and quality assurance requirements are defined. The collection requirements for non-analytical data and information are described. Data management and reporting requirements are provided. Second, the Protocol was prepared to serve as a guide for HCFCD staff and management to assist them in coordinating and conducting the overall BMP monitoring program over the foreseeable future. For these users, the Protocol includes guidance on selected pond installations for future monitoring. An assessment of the volume of data needed to conduct reliable statistical tests to discern statistically significant differences between and among various pond installations is provided. Finally, the Protocol contains recommendations on how HCFCD should store, manage, and evaluate monitoring data.


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environmental monitoring, pond ecology, storm water pollution, storm water runoff, water quality, monitoring