EPOC Water, Inc. microfiltration technology: applications analysis report




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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Research and Development, National Risk Management Research Laboratory


This document is an evaluation of the performance of the EPOC Water, Inc. Microfiltration Technology and its applicability as a treatment technique for water contaminated with metals. Both the technical aspects and the economics of this technology were examined. Operational data and extensive sampling and analysis information were carefully compiled to establish a data base against which the vendor's claims for the technology have been compared and evaluated. Other information provided by the vendor and summarized in this report, was also taken into account in this evaluation. Conclusions concerning the technology's suitability for use in removing metals from acid mine drainage were reached, and extrapolations regarding applicability to other sites with different contaminants and liquid wastes are also provided.


46 pgs.


hazardous waste sites, water, purification, filtration, acid mine drainage