Restoration and Erosion Protection of Rookery Islands and Habitat in Nueces Bay




Hauske, Gerald J. and Daniel J. Heilman

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Galveston Bay Estuary Program


In the spring of 2002, a project was completed for island protection, creation, and enhancement near White Point within the northwest portion of Nueces Bay, Texas..... The four primary purposes of the project were to decrease erosion, provide additional nesting area, provide additional hard substrate, and, if possible, restore islands that had completely eroded. .... The final design included the protection of five existing islands with geotextile tubes, the creation of a new 3-acre island using sandy material dredged from the bay, and the creation of 1,500 ft of hard substrate through the construction of a rock revetment around most of the new island.


pg. 205


water quality, habitat, ecology, watershed management, restoration, erosion, rookery islands, habitat, nueces bay, whites point, coastal bends bays and estuaries program, bird habitat, aquatic habitat, oyster reefs, nesting