The State of the Bay: A characterization of the Galveston Bay ecosystem




Newell, Dr. Charles J., Dr. Hanadi S. Rifai, Dr. Philip B. Bedient, Dr. Frank S. Shipley, and Dr. Robert W. McFarlane

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Cambridge Scientific Abstracts for Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations


Galveston Bay is a resource of immense value to Texas and the nation. It is also an exceedingly interesting coastal ecosystem. In this volume, produced by the Galveston Bay National Estuary Program, these two features highlight a comprehensive review of the State of the Bay an overview of the ecosystem from an environmental management perspective. Our purpose in undertaking this ambitious task was clear: we sought to establish a factual basis for improving the way we govern Galveston Bay. This book is about stewardship, providing information that is one step removed from the hands-on management of bay resources, but which nevertheless is absolutely vital for effective conservation in the long run. Specifically, we sought to understand the State of the Bay in order to draft The Galveston Bay Plan, a comprehensive blueprint for bay governance. ...Shortly thereafter, a Scientific/Technical Advisory Committee (STAC)was appointed by the Governor and Environmental Protection Agency Regional Administrator as part of the Galveston Bay NEP Management Conference, a consortium that would develop The Galveston Bay Plan. The STAC would provide scientific and technical guidance to the Management Conference by identifying estuarine problems and by overseeing studies to establish the trends and probable causes necessary for management action (a list of these projects is given on page 23).The STAC began their work in March,1989 and convened symposium in 1991 and 1993 (both of which resulted in published proceedings). The culmination of the Committee's work is this volume.


232 pgs.


subject headings, aquatic sciences, fisheries, information retrieval system, standardization, term selection, term definition, classification