Proceedings of a workshop on environmental oceanography of the Gulf of Mexico, March 15-16 1976, College Station, Texas.




Texas A&M University, Department of Oceanography.

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A workshop was convened under the sponsorship of the Energy Research and Development Administration to define the most critical energy-related environmental problems in the Gulf of Mexico and develop the framework for a program of research to solve these problems. A major and immediate concern is activity related to the oil and gas industry; production, transportation (including potential superport construction), processing, and use of petroleum-derived fuels. The problems which might be posed by the development of other potential sources of energy, such as coastal and offshore nuclear power plants, were also given consideration. Several keynote speakers presented their thoughts on Gulf environmental problems from different points of view, and their remarks are recorded in Appendix I.


55 p.


environmental conditions, oceanography, oil and gas industry, petroleum, transportation