Planning aquatic ecosystem restoration monitoring programs




Thom, R.M.
Wellman, K.F.

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


The objective of this report is to provide a unified approach to planning, implementing, and interpreting monitoring programs for restoration projects. The report is directed to Corps planners to help them identify factors to consider in a monitoring program, and in designing and implementing an efficient, cost-effective program. The report format follows that of a monitoring program and proceeds from identification of goals, through selection of monitoring methods, and finally to interpretation and dissemination of results. The report describes the use of monitoring results to implement corrective actions to assure that performance goals are met. This report brings together a number of previously published but somewhat unrelated reports that have attempted to develop monitoring approaches.


128 p.


monitoring, ecosystems, ecosystem management, restoration, goals, objectives, models, performance criteria, parameters, cost, data, effort, duration