Fresh water seas: saving the Great Lakes

Weller, Phill
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Between the Lines

The purpose of this book is to provide a context for today's problems and at the same time reflect the challenges, hopes, and aspirations of those who are struggling to respond to the environmental problems in the Great Lakes region. The book begins with an introduction entitled, A Region In Crisis. The chapters which follow include: The Evolution of an Ecosystem; The Europeans Move In; Trees, Fish, and Rock: The Resource bonanza; Power, Pollution, and the Pace of Change; The Aches and Pains of Relentless Expansion; The Public Push for Environmental Responsibility; The Struggle to Revive the fishery; Toxic chemicals: The Great Invasion; Fighting Back: The Movement for a Safe Environment; Restoring Health to an Ailing Ecosystem; Building New Foundations for Great Lakes Development.

206 pgs.
pollution, pollution effects, chemical pollution, ecosystems, fisheries, toxicants, water quality, human ecology, freshwater ecology, environmental protection, eau, pollution, history