Hydrographic Data from Texas Continental Shelf and the Northwest Continental Slope of the Gulf of Mexico: R/V Gyre Cruise 92G-03 (16-20 March 1992)




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Cruise 92G-03 departed Galveston at 9 p.m. on March 15 and returned to Galveston at 6:30 p.m. on March 20, 1992. The principal science programs were interdisciplinary, with goals to (1) carry out large-volume sampling of Th, Ra, and Pb isotopes using the Multiple InSitu Pumping System, MIPS, which allows battery-operated in situ pumping at up to six user-selectable depths (six times three serially linked cartridges extracting suspended particles and dissolved radioisotopes); (2) verify MIPS with independent techniques using Fe hydroxide precipitation and MnO2 impregnated acrylic fiber extractions of 100-200 liter of seawater, sampled from surface waters with a shipboard pump, and for water below the surface with the CTD-Rosette; (3) carry out large-volume ultrafiltration of 200 liters of seawater using water sampled for surface water with a shipboard pump, and for water below the surface with the CTD-Rosette; (4) collection of samples for measurements of suspended particle concentrations, DOC, dissolved oxygen, nutrients, chlorophyll a, pigments, and salinity using the CTD-Rosette (30 L); (5) collection of phytoplankton and zooplankton; and (6) collection of samples for coccolyth analysis




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