Regional and statewide economic impacts of sport fishing, other recreational activities, and commercial fishing associated with major bays and estuaries of the Texas Gulf Coast. Executive Summary.




Fesenmaier, D.R.
Um, S.
Roehl, W.S.
Mills, A.S.
Ozuna, T., Jr.
Jones, L.L.
Guajardo Q., R.

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Texas A&M University, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station.


This report summarizes the findings of six reports on six individual Texas bays and estuaries, including (1) the Sabine-Neches estuary, (2) the Trinity-San Jacinto estuary, (3) the Lavaca-Tres Palacios estuary, (4) the Guadalupe estuary, (5) the Nueces and Mission-Aransas estuary, and (6) the Laguna Madre estuary. analyses were performed to compute estimates of the quantities of sport fishing, other recreational activity (hunting, picnicking, swimming, camping, pleasure boating, and sightseeing), and commercial fishing and the economic impacts of these activities upon the state and local economies. The methodology employed in doing so involved the use of various statistical survey instruments, published statistical series on commercial fishing and the development and construction of regional input-output models. The economic impacts for these studies have focused on the contribution of these aforementioned economic activities to the economies of the local region and the state in the form of output, employment, income, and state and local tax revenues.


9 p.


estuaries, fishing, bays, recreation, economic analysis, commercial fishing, statistical models, statistical analysis