Pesticide regulation handbook: a guide for users




Greene, J.

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Lewis Publishers


This volume will attempt to paint in broad national terms the kind of regulatory issues coming down the pike. It will also give a brief overview of the federal pesticides law, how it works and how the states carry out its mandates. There are results from a first-ever 50-state survey of state certification and training regulations. It shows that state programs vary widely in terms of who must be certified and how much they have to know to do so. Following that is a description of California's pesticide regulatory program, which many believe is the most comprehensive and stringent in the world and the model for what many other states would like to do in the future. This book also briefly addresses the scientific and technical issues involved in the safety of pesticides, to give you a sense of why these issues often become mired down in talk of parts per million. Often the scientists themselves can't agree about what's risk and what's not.


155 p.


handbook, public health, legal aspects, pesticides, environmental legislation