Population Studies of the Sports and Commercial Fin-Fish and Forage Species of the Upper Laguna Madre - Analysis of Populations of Sports and Commercial Fin-Fish and of Factors Which Affect These Populations in the Coastal Bays of Texas



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Texas Parks and Wildlife Department


Pinfish and anchovies were the major forage species captured throughout 1963 in trawl and seine samples. There was no evidence of a shortage of forage fish at any time. Juvenile redfish and drum decreased in numbers in 1963 while the number of juvenile trout increased. Three methods of estimating fish populations were tried, compared with commercial landings, and discussed. It was concluded that commercial landings, when considered with monthly fish prices, were the most indicative of population fluctuations. A mass tagging and recovery program, using only those fish captured, tagged, and recovered from drag seine samples, was the best of the methods investigated for fish population estimations.


pages 371-386; available for download at the link below.


commercial landings, forage fish, stock assessment