Tow times of shrimp trawlers in the Gulf of Mexico (Louisiana and Texas) and Atlantic (North Carolina) inshore waters 1987-1988.




Zein-Eldin, Z.P.
Baxter, K.N.
Patella, F.

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U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service.


An examination of shrimping practices in both the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic inshore waters suggests that major changes will be required for fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico to conform to practices required by TED regulations. Two-thirds to three-fourths of all tows by Gulf of Mexico inshore shrimpers are now longer than the 90 minute trawl limit, with tow time increasing from early summer through fall. Vessel length varied with location, with vessels below 25 ft operating primarily in inshore waters of Louisiana. The limited data suggest, however, that only minor modifications may be required in the South Atlantic, where approximately 80% of all tows were within the 90 minute limit. Close supervision may be required to ensure that shrimpers adhere to regulations.


39 p.


trawlers, trawling, shrimp fisheries, shrimp, turtle excluder devices (TEDs), fishing vessels, shrimpers, fishery industry legislation