A recreational boater-based method for re-designing the NOS small-craft chart: promoting safe navigation and stewardship of coastal resources




Antonini, Gustavo, Niels West, Charles Sidman and Robert Swett

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Sea Grant Florida, Florida Sea Grant College Program, University of Florida


NOAA's Small-Craft Charts were first developed to serve the needs of recreational boaters, inshore fishers, and other users operating in close proximity to the shore. Since then, few conceptual changes have been made to these charts even though there has been a dramatic increase in the number and types of recreational users.... This project was designed to determine the chart information needs of boaters which satisfy safe navigation and promote stewardship. Study objectives include: identifying the information needed by today's boater to promote safe navigation and stewardship; developing a prototype small-craft chart, and ancillary map/guide products, which include information identified by recreational boaters, fishers, divers, resource managers and environmentalists, to modernize a new generation chart; evaluating the utility of the additional information provided on the prototype products through a boater survey; and analyzing whether the new information contained on the prototype chart and ancillary products can change boater's environmental perception, attitudes, behavior, and knowledge on-the-water. This item is the executive summary of the report


12 pgs.


boating, boats, nautical charts, environmental protection, navigation, safety measures, environmental aspects, recreational, in shore fishers