Design Requirements for an Information Dissemination and Technology Transfer System for the Dredged Material Research Program




Speaker, David M. and William H. Weisgerber

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U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station


Surveys of both District and non-Corps DMRP audiences were conducted in order to evaluate the effectiveness of current information dissemination by the Program. These surveys also provided the basis for defining the requirements of an integrated DMRP technology transfer system specifically adapted to the needs of the District audience. Awareness of the DMRP among District personnel under recall assist conditions in about 86%, but actual knowledge of the technical structure of the Program is far less common. Only a minority of the District personnel is inclined to optional job related reading, so that the DMRP reports are not optimal as information transfer media. Furthermore, the Program is perceived as generically oriented and the applicability of its outputs to specific projects is often not obvious. The study findings clearly indicate the need for a DMRP information transfer system which will: (a) facilitate the correlation of applicable Program-generated information to project requirements and (b) present this information in a systematic and topically organized format.


148 pgs.


dredging, technology transfer, research