An assessment of beach access and management issues on Galveston Island.




Gunter, V.J.
Ditton, R.B.
Olson, S.G.

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In Texas the public's right of ingress and egress to the sandy Gulf-front beaches is guaranteed by the Texas Open Beaches Act passed in 1959 by the state legislature. During the early years of the Texas Open Beaches Act, most of the problems centered around questions of the legality of public beach access. Over the years, however, increases in coastal population and recreation and tourism activity have shifted the focus of problems from simple access to the more complex arena of beach management. The paper argues that policy-makers need to broaden their focus from one of legal access to one that recognizes that access by definition involves both the development and management of facilities and services within social and ecological boundaries.


p. 247-260.


beaches, recreation, land use, resource use, resource management