Freshwater Inflows from a Water Supply Perspective




Browning, Richard M.

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Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission


The watershed of Galveston Bay includes both the Houston area and Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan areas, comprising about half of the population of the entire state of Texas and all the water related consequences that go with it. Water supplies for the Houston area for many years were entirely obtained from groundwater, but resulting ground subsidence has required a gradual conversion to surface water supplies. Current surface water sources include two major lakes in the San Jacinto river basin and one on the lower Trinity river. The Dallas-Fort Worth area had only limited available groundwater and began developing surface water supplies over a century ago. It has subsequently developed almost all feasible major lakes in the upper Trinity watershed and has since 1960 developed several major lakes in other river basins to the east and north. Future new water sources for both metropolitan areas will come mostly from two types of sources: Surface water supplies from outside the Galveston Bay watershed; and reclaimed water .


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