Texas coastal management program: current permitting processes in State and Federal natural resource agencies. Volume 1 and Volume 2

Texas General Land Office. Bob Armstrong, Commissioner
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Texas General Land Office

This volume contains the rules of the Texas state agencies most concerned with coastal matters and is intended as a ready reference for those concerned with the existing permitting authority of state agencies. The material in this volume has been carefully prepared from official copies of the rules of each agency as filed with the Secretary of State. Every effort has been taken to ensure that the rules are reproduced exactly as they appear in the official version; errors in spelling, punctuation, grammer, and omission which appear in the rules have not been corrected in this printing in order to conform to the originals as closely as possible.

v.1 134 pgs. v.2 630 pgs.
coastal zone, coastal zone management, legal aspects, legislation, permits, fishing, harvesting, fishery regulations, natural resources, air quality, water rights, air pollution, land use, water policy, dredging, water quality, water pollution, government policy, oil and gas, waste disposal, transportation