202 Questions for the Endangered Coastal Zone



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American Littoral Society


Asking questions is the best way to get those who exercise jurisdiction in coastal zone management to take their jobs seriously and to focus public attention on their activities. This question guide will help you emphasize the natural biological productivity and the recreational use of estuarine land and water. What follows is a series of questions that you as a conservationist, a builder, an industrialist, a factory operator, a marina owner, a government official, or an interested citizen should be asking yourself and all those whose decisions affect the future of the coastal marine environment. One rule of thumb: in general, coastal (tidal) waters are considered navigable and are thus under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, who should heed these questions; all waters within three miles of land involve state questions also, so state departments of environment, conservation, public health, natural resources, or conservation and economic development (state organization varies) should heed these questions; lastly coastal zone questions usually involve county or municipal government, and these also should heed these questions. When checking through the following categories, remember that more than one category can often be applied to a project you are questioning. The questions are presented in the present tense, but questioning should begin as far in advance of the modification as possible.


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