Gambling with the shore: Proceedings of ninth annual conference, October 14-17th, 1984 in Atlantic City, New Jersey




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The Coastal Society held its Ninth Annual Meeting in Atlantic City, New Jersey, October 14-17, 1984. The title of the Conference (and these Proceedings), Gambling with the Shore, was relevant to both the site and theme of the Conference. A thread that runs through many of the sessions and individual papers is that of risk. Risk is inherent in the game of life, but those that play the game on the shore do so on a game board that is constantly shifting with rules that change. For those with a good understanding of the rules feel for the strategy of play, gambling with the coast can be stimulating, challenging and rewarding. Those that don't understand the rules and who never understand how to play invariably wind up losers. The functions of the Coastal Society include keeping track of the game board and rules and training effective players. This Proceedings volume is an attempt to clarify the rules and define the game board as we know them today. It contains valuable information for both expert and novice players. In gambling with the shore whether you win or lose depends upon how you play the game. There has been some rearrangement of papers in the Proceedings, primarily in the distribution of poster session papers to related topical sessions and the assigning of topical heading to the remaining poster sessions.


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