Texas Bay Sediments




Shepard, Francis, P. and Gene A. Rusnak

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University of Texas Marine Science Institute


With the help of an American Petroleum Institute grant, a group of Scripps Institution scientists have been investigating the sediments of Texas bays during the past six years. In many respects these bays have proven ideal for a study of sedimentation. ...It was realized, however, after some time had been spent on these concentrated studies, that a much better understanding of bay sedimentation in general and of the processes which contribute to it would come from making comparisons with other bays along the Texas coast....In order to obtain some idea of the nature of Texas bay sedimentation, it is important to consider in some detail the characteristics which bays of these two contrasting types possess. Thus some description will be made of the bays...


pgs. 5-13


geology, sediments, sediment properties, sediment analysis, bays