Draft supplement to final environmental impact statement. Department of Army permit applications nos. 10400, 13576, 13577, 13578, 13579 by Board of Trustees, Galveston Wharves and Pelican Terminal Corporation to construct a multipurpose deepwater port crude oil distribution system at Galveston, Texas. Additional information on potential worst case oil spills related to the project and possible future grain elevator and bulk commodity terminal activities. Volumes I and 2 (Appendices).




U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District


This report is an application for five permits to construct a multi-purpose onshore deepwater port and crude oil distribution system at Galveston, Texas. The proposed project would provide a means of importing crude petroleum at costs lower than those acheived under current conditions. In addition, as a secondary benefit, the proposed project could induce future cost-effective bulk handling capabilities, especially grain. The expansion would provide employment and increase the city's tax base. Thirty-six hypothetical worst case oil spills scenarios that might be associated with four project alternatives were developed and computer simulated to project oil movements for spills that might occur within Galveston Bay or offshore of the bay. However, the probability of occurrence of the large oil spill events is highly unlikely. Impacts of air quality and water quality from construction and normal operation of these facilities should be minimal. The possibility of a fire and explosion at these facilities would be minimized by use of best available control technology and good housekeeping practices.


ARCHIVAL MATERIAL. Vol.1, 344 p.; Vol. 2, 655 p.


crude oil, deep-water port, oil spills, environmental impact, petroleum, distribution