Water quality aspects of dredged material disposal in the Gulf of Mexico near Galveston, Texas


1982 1912


Lee GF
Jones RA
Texas A&M Univ. CSUSGCP Herbich JB

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A study was conducted in the mid 1970s on the water quality impact of the disposal of sediments dredged from the Galveston Bay Entrance Channel, and Texas City Channel (Texas), in the open waters of the Gulf of Mexico near Galveston, Texas. The study focused on the heavy metals, chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides and PCBs, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds, and other chemical constituents of the sediments, and their release from the sediments during laboratory elutriate tests and during dredged sediment disposal. It was concluded from these studies that the open water disposal of Galveston Bay Entrance Channel and Texas City Channel sediments would not cause a significant adverse impact on water quality upon open water dredged sediment disposal in the Gulf of Mexico




ASW,Mexico Gulf, ASW,USA,Texas,Galveston Bay, Dredge spoil, Dredging, Environmental impact, Galveston Bay, Gulf of Mexico, Heavy metals, Hydrocarbon, Laboratories, Metals, Nitrogen, O 8050 CONFERENCES, PCB, pesticides, Phosphorus, Q1 01503 Characteristics,behavior and fate, Q2 02445 Characteristics,behavior and fate, Sediment, Sediments, Texas, USA, water, Water quality