Intergovernmental Relations in State Land Use Planning 308.C6 no. 536 1974 GBAY
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dc.description.abstractThis report explores the major issues in intergovernmental relations which States will encounter as they initiate land use and resource management programs. The recommendations for dealing with the resulting problems and conflicts were presented to the Task Force on Natural Resources and Land Use Information and Technology. The Task Force is sponsored by the Council of State Governments under a grant from the Resource and Land Investigations (RALI) Program of the U.S. Geological Survey and in cooperation with the Office of Land Use and Water Planning, U.S. Department of the Interior. Intergovermental relations is one of the six problem areas considered by the Task Force in its study of the institutional, technical, and financial problems which States encounter in their use of natural resources and land use information and in establishing related planning and regulatory programs. Chapter 5 of this report provides a review of the issues identified through the analysis of state-federal, interstate, and state-local interaction in land use programs, together with recommendations. This chapter also provides a summary of the material contained in the preceding chapters. Throughout the report, reference is made to the proposed national land use legislation considered by Congress during 1973-74. Although no land use legislation was enacted by the 93rd Session, the bills passed by the Senate and reported favorably by the House Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs represent more than three years of work by Congress and its staff in this field and the results of extensive hearings, testimony, and revisions.en
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dc.titleIntergovernmental Relations in State Land Use Planningen
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