Draft environmental impact statement for the Matagorda Bay Project: El Paso Eastern Company et al.




United States Federal Power Commission Bureau of Natural Gas

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Federal Power Commission Bureau of Natural Gas


  1. This Draft Environmental Impact Statement, prepared by the staff of the Federal Power Commission, is related to an administrative action. 2. The administrative action here involved arises from applications file by El Paso Eastern Company (Docket Nos. CP77-330, CP77-331, CP77-270), El Paso LNG Terminal Company (Docket No. CP77-269), El Paso Natural Gas Company (Docket No. CP77-332), United LNG Company (Docket No. CP77-272), and United Gas Pipe Line Company (Docter No. CP77-271) which related directly or indirectly to a proposal by El Paso Eastern Company, pursuant to Section 3 of the Natural Gas Act, to import liquified natural gas (LNG) from Algeria to a terminal to be located in the vicinity of Port O'Connor, Texas, on Matagorda Bay. Approval of the applications would authorize the construction and operation of facilities necessary to unload, store, revaporize, and distribute the imported LNG. These facilities include unloading and service platforms, three 100,000-cubic meter storage tanks, vaporizer units, and other appurtenant structures. The use of seawater is proposed for regasifying the LNG; proposed initial dredging in connection with the terminal would total 29.3 million cubic yards. A total of 463 miles of pipeline would be required in order to transport the regasified LNG from the terminal to Waha, Texas. 3. Environmental impact would occur with respect to effects on man, land use, vegetation, soils, wildlife, water quality, air quality, and noise levels. 4. alternative sites for the LNG terminal and pipeline as well as alternate sources of energy and the alternative of not constructing the proposed facilities are considered herein. 5. Copies of this Draft Environmental Impact Statement are being made available to the public and all parties to the proceedings on or about July 1, 1977.


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environmental impact, natural gas, pipelines