Slide and poster presentation: Christmas Bay and Armand Bayou




Calnan, T.R.

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Bureau of Economic Geology


Data, maps and photographs were used in compiling information for a poster and slide presentation on Christmas Bay and Armand Bayou. Base maps with drainage-basin boundaries for Christmas Bay and Armand Bayou were constructed from U.S.G.S. 7.5-minute quadrangle maps (table 1). The Texas Natural Resources and Information System (TNRIS) provided current photographs (March 1987 and October 1989) of both areas for supplementary information on current land use. The Armand Bayou Nature Center (ABNC) also provided slides of aerial photos of Armand Bayou. Several agencies, companies, and individuals were contacted in person, by phone, or by letter for data and information on both areas. These groups or individuals are listed in table 2, along with dates or approximate dates of contact, and the purpose of the contact. Naturalists at the ABNC were especially helpful in providing information and slides. Keys to the slides and posters and a list of references are included. The slide key and references provide necessary information for narrators of the slide presentation; the poster key is less crucial than the slide key because most posters are self-explanatory. Some of the slide information was not duplicated on the posters and vice versa. Posters have been mounted on 2' x 2' foam core board, and most posters have been laminated for increased durability. Word posters were computer-generated and could not be laminated, but they can be reproduced rapidly if they become damaged and duplicates are necessary. Hand-drafted posters were photoduplicated with a Canon laser color photoduplicator. The photoduplicated posters can not be laminated. Duplicates of each slide and poster are kept at the Bureau of Economic Geology.


ARCHIVAL MATERIAL. 59 slides; 19 posters


wastewater discharge, water quality, aerial photographs, flood control, population, wetlands