The effects of the Cedar Bayou electric generating station on phytoplankton in adjacent waters.




Smith, J.M.

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Texas A&M University.


The effects of the Cedar Bayou Generating Station at Baytown, Texas on phytoplankton in waters adjacent to the power plant were investigated from February 1978 through June 1979. Ten stations were sampled monthly. Water temperature and salinity were recorded at the time of sampling in the field. While water samples were analyzed for chlorophyll a concentration and primary productivity. Bioassay studies were conducted to determine the relative suitabilities of station waters for growth of natural populations and Skeletonema costatum. Chlorophyll a concentrations at discharge stations 6-8 were significantly lower than at intake stations 1-3 and bay control station 10. Primary productivity at stations 1, 3 and 10 was significantly higher than at stations 6-8. Bioassay results were significantly affected by culture temperature, inoculum, medium, month, and station. Overall suitability for growth was highest at station 7, where the cooling lake flows into Trinity Bay. Overall suitabilities were significantly low at bay control station 10 and at station 4, the origin of the discharge canal.


125 p., Thesis


power plants, water, temperature effects, salinity, bioassays, phytoplankton, plankton, Skeletonema costatum, chlorophylls