Ecological aspects of selected crustacea of two marsh embayments on the Texas coast.




Conte, F.S.

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Texas A&M University.


Crustacea from two marsh embayments adjacent to West Bay, Oyster and Alligator Lakes, were collected twice a month for two years, identified and their seasonal abundance determined with respect to temperature and salinity. Collections included commercial penaeid shrimp, grass shrimp (Palaemonetes), sergestid shrimp, and mysid shrimp. During the summer of 1969, three tests were conducted on the effects of aerial application of malathion, in concentrations used in mosquito control, on the juvenile commercial shrimp Penaeus aztecus Ives and Penaeus setiferus (Linn.). Dead and live shrimp samples, and water samples taken before and during the test were analyzed by means of gas-chromatography and thin-layer chromatography. In all three tests the commercial shrimp suffered mortalities ranging from 14 to 80 per cent. Small P. setiferus were in better condition in the Oyster Lake complex, but as size increased this difference shifted, for the large shrimp were in better condition in the Alligator Lake complex. The cause of the variation is unknown, but could represent environmental differences such as available food. In both bay complexes the condition of both P. aztecus and P. setiferus decreased with increasing size. In both lake complexes the condition of P. aztecus decreased with increasing temperature; however, condition increased with increasing salinity. Condition of P. setiferus, in the Oyster Lake complex, decreased with decreasing temperature and salinity; however, in Alligator Lake complex, the condition of P. setiferus increased with increasing temperature and salinity (sic). This contradiction is either inexplicable or indicates that other factors, such as available food, are more significant.


243 p., Dissertation


marine crustaceans, mysids, grass shrimp, sergestid shrimp, penaeid shrimp, Palaemonetes sp., seasonal distribution, pesticides, insecticides, malathion