Movable-bed model study of Galveston Bay entrance




Hermann FAJ
Cronin LE

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Estuarine research. Volume 2. Geology and Engineering. 1975.


A model of the Galveston Bay entrance was made in 1960 by the US Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station. The moveable-bed model, with scale ratios 1:500 horizontally and 1:100 vertically, reproduced{approx} 452 km Super(2) of prototype area including a small part of Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Verification tests are described, and the problems which the model was intended to help solve are discussed. various improvements made to the model are also described, and the results of the actual tests presented and discussed. It appears that the model predicted with good accuracy all significant effects of the development plan for the entrance, and especially for the navigation channel




ASW,USA,Texas,Galveston Bay, Development, Galveston Bay, Gulf of Mexico, hydraulics, Model Studies, models, Navigation, Q2 02146 TSD distribution,water masses and circulation, Q2 02181 General, USA