Final report on occurrence and abundance of fishes in the intake and discharge areas of the Cedar Bayou Power Station before and during the first year of plant operation.




Johnson, K.W.

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Texas A&M University


Fish abundance, distribution and species compostion was determined in the intake (Tabbs Bay and Cedar Bayou) and discharge (Trinity Bay) areas before (October 1967 - September 4, 1970) and after (September 5, 1970 - December 1971) operation of the first 750 Mw unit of the Cedar Bayou Electric Power Station, Chambers County, Texas. The initial months of plant operations were erratic. There were no operations during May 24 - June 3 and July 7 - September 10, 1971, periods when maximum stress would be imposed on fishes by the thermal effluent due to high, naturally-occurring temperatures. Otter trawls, bag seines, trammel nets and a pushnet were used in sampling.


348 p., Dissertation


marine fish, abundance, ecological distribution, check lists, power plants, pollution, water pollution, thermal pollution, gulf menhaden, Brevoortia patronus, Atlantic croaker, Micropogon undulatus, bay anchovy, anchoa mitchelli