Louisiana Applied Oil Spill Research and Development Program: deliverables 1996 and selected abstracts and bibliography of international oil spill research, 1997




Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator, Office of the Governor

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Louisiana Applied Oil Spill Research and Development Program (Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator's Office/Office of the Governor


Evaluation of habitat response to in situ burning as a method of oil removal by Charles W. Lindau, S. Reza Pezeshki, Ronald D. DeLaune; Evaluation of habitat sensitivity to oiling: use of cleaners for removing oil from vegetation by Ronald D. DeLaune, Aroon Jugsujinda, S. Reza Pexeshki; Biodegradation of toxic chemicals from petroleum and produced waters, brackish marsh sediments: pathway studies and degradation rates using deuterated standards by W. James Catallo, Thomas Junk; Oil resource atlas for Louisiana: creating and maintaining a focused baseline for oil spill response by Robert Gramling, Craig Forsyth, George Woddell; Assessment of ammoniated organic wastes for remediation of wetland soils contaminated with crude oil by Gary A. Britenbeck, Anada P. DeSilva; Evaluation and characterization of sorbents in removal of oil spills by Ali Ghalambor; Bioremediation protocol for small-scale oil spills in Louisiana marshes by Gary W. Childers, Keith Bancroft, Gary Shaffer; Oil spill awareness through geoscience education by Gary L. Stringer, Mervin Kontrovitz; Merging landsat thematic mapper satellite imagery and airborne synthetic aperture radar to facilitate coastline delineation by Anthony J. Lewis, Dewitt H. Braud, Jr. and Bret M. Territo; Environmental effects and effectiveness of in situ burning in wetlands: guidelines for oil spill cleanup by Irving A. Mendelssohn, Mark W. Hester, James W. Pahl; Effects of oil and chemical responses on fresh marsh function and oil degradation: response implications by John Andrew Nyman, William H. Patrick, Jr.; Potential impact of used oil recycling in Louisiana's coastal fishing communities by Rodney D. Adams.




oil spills, bibliography, research, environmental effects, habitat response, in situ burning, oil removal, ammoniated organic wastes, remediation of wetland soils, landsat thematic mapping, satellite imagery, airborne synthetic aperture radar, coastline delineation, fresh marsh, oil degradation, coastal fishing, oil recycling, geoscience education, vegetation, toxic chemicals, brackish marsh sediments