Ambient Aquatic Life Water Quality Criteria for Tributylin (TBT) - Final



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United States Environmental Protection Agency


This document provides guidance to States and Tribes authorized to establish water quality standards under the Clean Water Act (CWA) to protect aquatic life from acute and chronic effects of tributylin (TBT). Under the CWA, States and Tribes are to establish water quality criteria to protect designated uses. While this document constitutes U.S. EPA's scientific recommendations regarding ambient concentrations of TBT, this document does not substitute for the CWA or U.S. EPA's regulations; nor is it a regulation itself. Thus, it cannot impose legally binding requirements on U.S. EPA, States, Tribes, or the regulated community, and it might not apply to a particular situation based upon the circumstances. State and Tribal decision-makers retain the discretion to adopt approaches on a case-by-case basis that differ from this guidance when appropriate. U.S. EPA may change this guidance in the future.


142 pages; available for download at the link below.


water quality standards, tributylin, water pollution, environmental protection