A conceptual report on the management of bay and estuarine systems. Phase I.




University of Texas, Division of Natural Resources and the Environment.

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University of Texas at Austin, Division of Natural Resources and the Environment.


The anticipated future growth of population and industry in Texas' Coastal Zone will have a significant effect on the natural resources of that area of the state. Thus, the State of Texas must develop and maintain a coordinated plan for the judicial use and protection of its coastal air, water and land resources as well as their mineral and living components. This report concludes the introductory phase of the team's effort which was completed during the summer of 1971. The specific goal of this phase was the development of an interdisciplinary and systematic approach to an understanding of problems relative to the management of the Texas Coastal Zone. Because of time limitations, emphasis was placed on management problems relative to bays and estuaries. No primary data were collected to fultill this goal. Reliance was placed on existing, retrievable data as well as on the investigators within the multidisciplinary team.


190 p.


estuaries, bays, coastal zone management, economics, coastal zone, environmental conditions, water use, land use, resource use, resource management, environment management, wastes, waste treatment, environmental impact, wetlands, water quality, natural resources