Anticipatory Planning for Sea-Level Rise Along the Coast of Maine


This report constitutes Maine's first systematic assessment of its vulnerability to a change in shoreline position as a result of accelerated sea-level rise associated with global climate change. Because there is still a great deal of uncertainty associated with projections of global climate change, this report should be considered as merely the first cut at assessing vulnerability and identifying options for an anticipatory response strategy. Due to the projected gradual onset, there will be time to make some corrections as more scientific certainty is achieved. However, despite the uncertainty and gradual onset, it is important for Maine to begin to address these issues now. As expressed by a consensus of international coastal zone managers: It is urgent for coastal nations to begin the process of adapting to sea level rise not because there is an impending catastrophe, but because there are opportunities to avoid adverse impacts by acting now, opportunities that may be lost if the process is delayed. This is also consistent with good coastal zone management practice irrespective of whether climate change occurs or not.


246 pages; available for download at the link below.


coastal zone management, sea level change, global warming, global climate change, environmental protection