Considerations Influencing the Feasibility of Commuter Rail Service



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Texas A&M University Texas Transportation Institute


Previous reports have evaluated the problems and potential associated with intercity rail passenger service in Texas. This report addresses the feasibility of commuter rail operations designed to serve workday urban travel demands. This report does not provide a detailed evaluation of the potential for commuter rail service in any specific corridor; rather, it provides an overview of issues and problems that should be realized in evaluating the desirability of a commuter rail operation in any corridor. This report is divided into five sections. The first section describes the travel problems that exist which create an interest in the commuter rail alternative. The second section presents operating considerations that would be associated with a commuter rail system in Texas. Following this, preliminary estimate of the market for commuter service in illustrative travel corridors is provided. The fourth section indentifies the general magnitude of revenue and cost that might be generated by a commuter rail system. Finally, a synopsis of the major findings is presented.


34 pages; available for download at the link below.


mass transit