Monthly temperature and salinity measurements of continental shelf waters of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico.




Temple, R.F.
Harrington, D.L.
Martin, J.A.

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U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service


Temperature and salinity observations made monthly from January 1963 to December 1965 at 48 stations in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico are presented. Off the coasts of Louisiana and Texas monthly average temperatures of surface and bottom waters at station depths of 7, 14, 28, 46, and 73 m exhibited seasonal trends that were similar over a 3-yr period. Monthly average temperatures of surface and bottom waters were generally similar at station depths of 7 and 14 m, but differences were noted at station depths of 28, 46, and 73 m and increased with depth. Salinities of surface and bottom waters varied markedly at 7 and 14-m stations, whereas at deeper stations seasonal fluctuations were resticted primarily to surface waters. The magnitude of yearly salinity fluctuations decreased with an increase in distance offshore. The effects of the seasonal freshwater inflow of the Mississippi River and other Louisiana rivers on salinities were clearly apparent in Louisiana and Texas offshore waters, although in the latter case there may have been a one or two month lag.


34 p.


temperature measurement, salinity, salinity gradients, hydrography, temperature gradients, seasonal variations, river discharge