Estuarine Modeling: An Assessment




Ward GH; Espey WH

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A technical review and critical appraisal are presented of present techniques of water quality modeling as applied to estuaries. Various aspects of estuarine modeling are treated by a selection of scientists and engineers eminent in the field, and these essays are supplemented by discussions from technical conferences held during the course of the report's preparation. Topics discussed include mathematical models for estuarine hydrodynamics, water quality models of chemical and biological constituents, models of estuarine temperature structure, and the use of physical models in estuarine analysis. Also included is a review of solution techniques, viz. analog, digital and hybrid, a brief survey of estuarine biota and biological modeling, and a collection of case studies reviewing several estuarine modeling projects. (Author)




68D Environmental Pollution & Control: Water Pollution & Control;Aquatic biology;Delaware River;Estuaries;Galveston bay;Hydraulic models;Hydrodynamics;Limnology;Mathematical models;Mixing;Models;Pollution;Pollution control;Quality;Reviews;San Francisco Bay;Temperature;Temperature gradients;Thames River;Tidal currents;United States;Water;Water chemistry;Water flow;Water pollution;Water pollution control;Water quality;