Increasing creel interview efficiency through early survey termination

Osburn, H.R.
Weixelman, M.G.
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NMFS, Scientific Publications Office

Operational modifications based on recreational angler activity patterns can be successfully formulated to increase creel survey efficiency without a significant loss of information. This study was conducted to estimate the amount of Texas marine sport-boat angler interview and fish data (bay and Gulf) that would be missed both coastwide and within each bay system if surveys were terminated early when no angler interviews were conducted by a specified time. Using this method, <3 percent of the total interviews and retained fish would be missed coastwide by terminating surveys at 1400 hours on weekends throughout the survey year. This would result in the early termination of 14 percent of the weekend surveys, thus allowing an annual redirection of 440 work-hours and $6,063 in operating expenses.

pgs. 39-43
fisheries, fishery surveys, sport fishing, sport fishing statistics, surveys